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Dr. Sophia Cornish and Dr. Piiamari Bowers take a holistic approach to dental care keeping in mind that oral health is just one component of your overall health. With this mindset, they are able to address issues through dental care and beyond. If you find yourself in a dental emergency, you’re suffering from TMJ, or you haven’t seen the dentist in a while, the team at Dexter Dental Studio looks forward to meeting you.

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Total Body Dentistry

Hands on Health Lab, Dexter

We provide healing through dental health with unique and personalized care. We screen for multiple conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, and oral cancer. Learn More.

Dentistry for Children

Family Dentist Ann Arbor

Our studio is a full-service family dental office where we enjoy providing a child-friendly environment and helping kids develop positive feelings about dental health. Learn More.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist Ann Arbor

Dexter Dental Studio’s patients value coming to the office for their cosmetic care to transform their smiles because they know they are receiving the ultimate experience in advanced technology, quality, and care. Learn More.

Restorative Dentistry

Dexter Dental Cosmetic Dentistry

Each patient’s individual needs are met at the highest standards, whether you are receiving a smile makeover, restorative fillings, or a cleaning, you and your family are getting the very best. Learn More.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment Dexter

There are many different successful approaches to treat TMJD, all dependent on an individual patient’s needs. At Dexter Dental Studio, we offer the following treatments for TMJD:Botox, Supplements, and Custom Bite Splints. Learn More.


Invisalign Ann Arbor

If your teeth do not properly align and you’re looking for options to straighten them, orthodontics may be a good option for you. Our Dentists at Dexter Dental can help you with INVISALIGN clear aligners. Over time you will see noticeable changes in your smile with custom-made aligners. Interested in learning how it works? Schedule a consultation and learn more here.

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We are dedicated to enriching our community by providing top dental care. Dexter Dental is a full-service dental office from bi-annual visits, restorative dental care, or complete dental care.



Our vision is to offer exceptional dental care that goes beyond your typical dental office. We listen to your overall health goals to implement a plan that includes your total health.

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Our office and procedures are designed to reduce the stress of dental visits. We provide calm, kind, nonjudgemental, and compassionate care.